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 on: Today at 16:34:09 
Started by Arriba - Last post by Legends-Lounge
Four figure tax rebate.

 on: Today at 16:30:02 
Started by Outletred - Last post by Super Hans
First result and performance was poor.

Second result was meh. McKirdy let us down. Showed something second half.

Last night was a heavily changed side with a few kids thrown in. Maybe a bad decision to make wholesale changes but he's vindicated if we go to Carlisle and win imo.

Poor start but three games for a new squad is no time to judge. Im currently frustrated but far from worried. At the end of next week I might be with 3 games coming up(!).

 on: Today at 16:27:40 
Started by Outletred - Last post by theakston2k
The problem Lindsey has got himself into is that we have 3 games in 8 days coming up, 2 of which are at home. So he has no time to really work on or change anything. If we donít get a positive result from any of them then his position will really be on shaky ground as supporters will be restless, the next week like it or not is massive for him.

 on: Today at 16:17:16 
Started by Outletred - Last post by Sippo
We are three games in for Fucks sake.

Give the bloke a chance.

 on: Today at 15:46:08 
Started by Outletred - Last post by sir windon
This is Swindon, have you ever known us to do what Rovers did? Me neither.
This season? As we slide into the non league?!!

 on: Today at 15:43:28 
Started by Don Rogers Shop - Last post by dogs
He's 26. A good acquisition and better than what we've got.

 on: Today at 15:43:12 
Started by Nemo - Last post by Berniman
it's difficult to give a MOM  if you only have radio comms to go by.

Even worse if you were following on Twitter.  I voted based on the name I heard that had a shot on target - that's about all i had to go on

 on: Today at 15:42:17 
Started by Outletred - Last post by 4D
The season we got record a points total

So once in the last 100 years?

 on: Today at 15:37:33 
Started by Don Rogers Shop - Last post by The Artist Formerly Known as Audrey
Great pick

 on: Today at 15:35:35 
Started by Outletred - Last post by Pericardinho
But they gambled by spending loads of money and changing pretty much the entire team in january.   We won't nor should do that.  

No they didn't. What are you on about?

They bought in Jon Nolan on a free who played about 2 games
Anderson and Connolly on loan
Ryan loft for a fee from Scunthorpe who was largely shit.

Not sure how that's a load of money and a whole new team.

Edit: Didn't see the post 2 above mine explaining this.

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