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Author Topic: Coronavirus  (Read 998106 times)
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« Reply #9360 on: Thursday, June 9, 2022, 13:49:33 »

When I got it a few months back, I developed symptoms three days after catching it (I think anyway), but didn't test positive until the morning of the fourth day. Symptoms at their most severe days 3-6 or so, then tailed off after that, taking about 14 days from infection to test negative again.

But that's one experience, sure it varies.
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« Reply #9361 on: Thursday, June 9, 2022, 16:32:51 »

Not had much experience personally of C19 so need a bit of advice.

Some friends have come over with their 10 month old daughter and their Mum and Dad as well. We saw them 2 evenings ago and we’ve just found out the poor little thing has been taken to hospital with Covid. Mum’s staying in with her. Supposed to have BBQ Saturday - would it be best to cancel or swerve.

I would test yourself tomorrow night, and if negative go ahead.  Bearing in mind that a BBQ is outside so there is a low chance of infection anyway.  My daughter tested positive (for the 2nd time) about 10 days ago, she lives with us but confined herself to her room.  I have tested regularly over the past 10 days and have remained negative so have carried on as normal.  She tested negative today for the first time.

As long as you are being responsible and testing regularly, I wouldn’t change anything, unless you get a positive obviously.  I really don’t think the airborne transmission is as high as was previously thought, unless you are in peoples faces who have it.

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