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 on: Today at 01:09:42 
Started by The Artist Formerly Known as Audrey - Last post by bamboonoshoe
Positive press is good and Morfuni comes across well.

I picked up in this though two things...

"We've employed a talent scout who is coming out to Australia in November," revealed Morfuni.

Surely that's got to be Tactics Tim hasn't it?

"So we're looking for kids and we want to develop a pathway for kids in Australia to go to English and European football

I gather English he means STFC and European he means Waterford?

 on: Today at 00:53:23 
Started by Chubbs - Last post by bamboonoshoe
Well S9 underway quite nicely now. I think this already has much better direction than the middle third of S8 had altogether. The best thing, is there isn't about 6295 plots going on, that's how S8 lost its way in the middle. Recovered somewhat towards the end.

No Chubbs, you haven't missed anything. Strangely, I thought it linked fairly nicely from E1 as it left us with ultimately, Gregory getting his comeuppance and Rick arranging a gang to build the bridge. That there is the shortest ever synopsis/review of TWD you'll ever see!

I enjoyed the narration by Rick which kind of flowed from start to end, as we find out he's talking to Negan in his cell (I think most of us knew that, although he could've been sounding out to Coral). Basically Rick rubs it in a bit letting Negan know they're doing fine without him.

The rest of the episode is seemingly centred around developing relationships, Carol and Ezequiel 'get engaged', Father Gabriel gets a knob job from Anne (Jadis). I'm actually cool with that and over the course of TWD we haven't seen much relationship action. Let's face it, at the 'end of the world' there'd be a lot of fast love going down. I think they get it right on balance without actually going full sex scene. I mean Game of Porns...sorry Game of Thrones really threw the graphic scenes out there for a while. We can argue a different time setting but people get horny regardless of the century we're in. Any way, we're all adults. They got it right, I think.

The best action elements for me came from the logging scene and subsequently the 'fresh out of Siddiq's Med School' Enid, showing inexperience by using pictures from a medical book to saw Aaron's arm off with a bone saw. Straight out of a 1700s field surgeon. Absolutely cracking and Aaron played a great part there. Maybe this was the 'Rick losing his hand' moment which I talked about happening last season? If so, could this soon be the end for Aaron? Seeing as when Herschel had his leg chopped off in S3 it wasn't long after he was then beheaded by the Governor. How I crave those days (yet I believe we've sensitised to the gore of TWD now). Who knows but my guess would be he could be gone soon. He already got the role of a Marvel character, Red Skull in Infinity War and he could potentially do more in that universe.

I enjoyed the mirroring between Rick's narration to Negan and Maggie's chat with the imprisoned Earl? It also adds a further mirroring to her own experience of her father's struggle with alcohol. Of course, Herschel also wet sober, so even though we aren't familiar with Earl and his family the backstory begs similarity to likely many families. In this case, it's Maggie who is reflective and so eventually lets Earl free, under supervision (after some insight from both Jesus and Michonne).

Wrapping up the episode concludes with everything being a bit more settled and we get a cut to Anne (she's still Jadis to me) on the Cherry Picker and spots the Helicopter again. This throws back to a couple of instances in S8, once when Jadis was signalling while at the Junkyard and also when Rick was heading there to ask them for help we get a brief glimpse. This was also around the time that 'Georgie' and her two Beastie Boys extras came and delivered the information in exchange for goods. The info, in the form of books featured in this episode as Rick throws down the "A Key to a New Life" or similar. Anyway, I think Jadis...sorry Anne, knows something about the helicopter, whether for good or bad.

Finally finally. We get a good end scene with the Saviour who Rick banishes back to Sanctuary. We play the first person view and he recognises 'us' and talks with familiarity saying something like "What are you doing out here?", suddenly the Saviour gets taken out and we cut to end credits. I'm not so intrigued by the Saviour being taken out because there's plenty who are pissed at him but i'm more interested to know who 'we' were. I've tried to think and can't really nail it down. It wouldn't be any of the Alexandria/Hilltop/Kingdom/Oceanside because his response would've been more angered. He knew them for sure so they must be Saviours...and we don't know many Saviours...possibly Eugene? He's a type to be hiding in trees at night but then he likes his comforts. Then I thought what about Dwight? Maybe he's coming back in to it? It then only leaves one of the Saviour women but they were all at the base by the bridge...hmm any thoughts as to who it could be and were they collaborating with whoever took out...Justin...that's the guy who caused the fight!

One final thing, well actually two. Loved Tara's (Terror)  endearing call sign to Rick...Mother Goose. Great bit of comedy. The final thing I'll leave you with is;

When that walker herd turned direction (after the failed siren), and we got a close up...was it just me or did one of those walkers gargle the words 'That way'...I'm not 100% convinced and have watched back. If you want to check it out it's the bits leading up to the log crushing Aaron's arm. it does sound like the walker is giving direction...hmmm. I may just be imagining it.

Anyway, I think the season is ticking along nicely, Rick isn't quite keeping things together and there's a few questions to answer, along with developing plots. Got to love Negan's parting shot to Rick while he's in the shadows of his cell "You're not saving the World Rick! You're just getting it ready for me." Likely the lines of the episode.

Ok, I'm out. See ya next week.


 on: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 23:17:40 
Started by 4D - Last post by bamboonoshoe
Would love to be at this but I have the luxury of the late December tie against them...I think it'll an even juicier affair and winning away there is always nice on a frosty December evening.

 on: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 23:06:14 
Started by 4D - Last post by 4D
We'll win, I'm coming back for this game. How much is it to get in these days?  Huh?

 on: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 21:00:29 
Started by 4D - Last post by Reg Smeeton
The return of your old mate Flitters on Saturday, Reg. Where would victory rank in your all time STFC achievements? I know it's wildly optimistic to expect anything more than a point but just look at last night's result for evidence that miracles do happen.

This is a difficult game to call.. of course conventional wisdom would say a home win is unlikely and a draw most likely, given Stags have drawn all away games, and since we used the get out of jail card in the first 2 home games, we haven't looked like winning at the CG.

But the spanner in the works is Flitcroft.... Brown is still using many of his players, how will they react  Hmmm   I see 2 options, they'll be motivated feeling that he deserted a sinking ship, and want to show that maybe they'll be worth coming back for in the window or summer, for an improved contract, a la Preston.  The other option is that they'll be weighed down by the pressure of feeling they have to justify the Flitcroft outers and haters, by showing up his inadequacies and winning handsomely, in a display of sexy football.  Sort of thing that Glenn Hoddle felt compelled to do against John Beck's Cambridge some years ago.

I'll make a more specific analysis, nearer the weekend, when things like the weather forecast, and injury synopsis after the behind close doors game comes to light.

As to the rating of a win... it'll be just like any other at this stage of the season after a poor trot, a relief and to be celebrated; nothing more. I'll leave the emotional contortions to the outers and haters.....

 on: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 20:30:21 
Started by Chubbs - Last post by suttonred
Have i missed an episode or something? Did not enjoy this episode at all. It seems like there was a massive gap form the end of the last episode where Maggie was looking ready to overthrow the current regime.
I know mending the bridge was mentioned in the last episode but it just seems like they have missed a lot out.  I don't know.

I thought it was more an airliner than a helicopter?

And whats with the porn fest between Gabriel and whats her face. Now i'm no prude, but there is a time and a place.

Oh and that helicopters back again..

 on: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 20:27:53 
Started by The Artist Formerly Known as Audrey - Last post by suttonred
I don't disagree, but positive press is good, we're not really used to that much.

 on: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 20:22:51 
Started by bigbobjoylove - Last post by Reg Smeeton
Surpised there has been no mention of England's result last night, probably due to TEF's favourite non STFC player having a blinder and scoring a double. Credit where credit is due, Southgate is doing a superb job to date.

It's in the trivial thread....

 on: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 20:08:45 
Started by singingiiiffy - Last post by Mother Brown
Jimmy Bullard must have a few games left in him.

 on: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 19:37:48 
Started by 4D - Last post by The Artist Formerly Known as Audrey
4-3-1-2 for me. Gets the best out of Anderson with Adebayo and Woolery up top.

Midfield 3 of Dave, Doughty and Alzate

CBs a problem with any 2 from Conroy, Sid, Wolf - all deserve to start.

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