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 on: Today at 17:34:25 
Started by 4D - Last post by Nomoreheroes
- First half we lost 2 goals. Caddis put his hands up for both
- Not been great of late and he needs to get better
- Caddis played first on side. The second bouncing in front of him and he should have done better
- Second half we created a few chances. Dominated at times
- Performances arent whats needed, points are needed
- We have a crazy 2 or 3 mins which sometimes turns into a crazy 15 mins
- Travers is a good goalie. We have to do better as a back 4 and as a team.
- We need to have a stronger base
- Back 4 chopped and changed, but its the way it is. Everyone has the same problem with the pandemic
- Need to work hard and stick together as a group
- We have to get back to basics.
- When you build moment (like last season) good things happen. We've built momentum the other way
- There are quality players filtering down from the Premier. This division is hard

 on: Today at 17:32:41 
Started by 4D - Last post by NotHarryAgombar
Was typing while Sheridanís post match was posted above - ďeven game until they scoredĒ - it was the 5th minute!

 on: Today at 17:32:20 
Started by 4D - Last post by Batch
Caddis sounds broken

 on: Today at 17:32:09 
Started by 4D - Last post by Peter Venkman
The bloke is a living, breathing parody of himself.
Jobs for the mates, nothing more, the sooner he leaves the better.

Get in a man who a). bothers to learn the players names, b). knows their best positions, c). knows there best attributes, d). plays to their strengths, d). is willing to make subs earlier in games e). can see that lumping long balls to Pitman isn't working then tells the team to change the style, a plan B if you will.

He doesn't want to be here and TBH we can do better, get Noel Hunt back even, at least he gave a shit.

 on: Today at 17:32:06 
Started by 4D - Last post by bamboonoclue
I trust JS

"Very even game until they scored" - not a particularly worthwhile observation from JS

Football - 'It's a funny old game.'

 on: Today at 17:31:35 
Started by 4D - Last post by tans
What a four minutes that was. Halcyon days.

 on: Today at 17:31:16 
Started by 4D - Last post by NotHarryAgombar
We got what we deserved today - conceded two sloppy goals, a failure of the offside trap in the first 5 mins, then didnít close down the short corner for the second (that fact ignored by many in the rush to blame Curran for being outjumped at the back post) - if we close down the cross it wouldnít happen.
For avoidance of doubt Iím not an advocate for Curran, but I think others were at least equally culpable for that goal.
Doncaster looked tidy in possession, pacy and physically a handful up front, and able to sit back and stay in shape as we gifted them an early goal.
If Matt Smith had taken that chance first half it could have been different, but in truth their keeper didnít have a lot to do. We were better after the second half subs came on,  but didnít create enough in key areas. DJ was heavily marked, and unable to have the impact he did last week. Also Twine, although I thought he had a tidy game.
I also thought the referee was inconsistent and very poor. Although if he had been competent , Curran may have seen red rather than yellow.
Relegation starting to look likely - we need 31 points from 24 games to stay up (51 points is usually enough) 8 wins, 7 draws or similar - thatís a tall order unless we start to keep some clean sheets.

 on: Today at 17:30:21 
Started by 4D - Last post by molepar
Very glad that Hawes pressed Sheridan on the "Curran over Odimayo" decision. Well done.

I have to say Sheridan's response was absolute dogshit, saying that Curran is essentially a better player than Odimayo. In the next breath to then say he purposely risked no sub GK, backed up by that he thought having Odimayo as back up would be better...hellooooooooo.

Earth to Sheridan.

I am very glad they asked too. I texted in and asked them to ask the question they were all thinking. Curran is a disaster and Sheridanís answer was complete BS.

 on: Today at 17:30:03 
Started by 4D - Last post by hefty toe
Christ I wish we had a decent centre back who stayed fit. I'm afraid that relegation is on the cards if we don't bring a reliable good fit centre back. It will only get worse next month with double gameweeks. I feel sorry for Fryers but his injury situation seems hopeless.

 on: Today at 17:29:57 
Started by 4D - Last post by bamboonoclue
Hawes with Caddy right now.

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