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Author Topic: Let's Get Political!  (Read 1486217 times)
You spin me right round baby right round

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« Reply #11790 on: Friday, January 14, 2022, 18:29:05 »

So even the woman in charge of the Covid response held a party in lockdown too

Fucking pisstakers this lot

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« Reply #11791 on: Friday, January 14, 2022, 22:04:57 »

Where to go... Operation Save Big Dog or Friday Wine Time....

If this was The Thick of It you think it was exaggerated bollocks.

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« Reply #11792 on: Friday, January 14, 2022, 22:36:53 »

'Operation Save Big Dog'?!  The name's his own idea, allegedly.

I'm crying.

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« Reply #11793 on: Friday, January 14, 2022, 23:58:31 »

The startling thing for me is the number of Tory MPs sitting on their hands & waiting for someone else to do what's necessary.  That they haven't sent in enough letters to force a leadership contest is telling.  Drawing this sorry saga out is causing massive damage to their party.  Genuinely surprises to see such indecision.

No one in the parliamentary party is going to make a move for a leadership bid just now. We're more than 2 years out from an election, and there's a shit load of economic pain on the horizon. Price inflation is massively outstripping wage increases and economic growth is piss poor. That's before factoring in the impact of the frankly fucking pathetic job that's been done on post Brexit trade agreements both with the EU and to replace those with the rest of the world (you know the ones Dr Fox told us were ready to be signed the day after brexit day.

They'll all want Boris to carry the pain of that for a year, then elbow and replace, probably with RS about a year out from election day.

Without candidates to coalesce around pushing for letters of NC I doubt they'll get the required number.

..never go back.
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