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Author Topic: How do I find out if land is being considered for being built on (Horlock?)  (Read 2117 times)

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The council definitely own the land, and I'm sure they were trying to make a few bob to bridge the budget deficit - y

You only have to look at Highworth in the last week- building 5 or 6 high value houses to generate an estimated 500K of profit - the local objections received weren't about where they are building  - just that the need is for affordable housing (which presumably wouldn't be as profitable).

Good point on the soil samples with regard to the percolation tests.

Its more confusing because a few weeks ago they also surveyed the drains and marked all the utilities around the site with colour coded scribbles on the path. You'd think that a waste of time and effort if access and flooding risk were already issues...

In any case, looks to be a no go (at least for now) so happy enough (for now).
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