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Author Topic: Lee Power siphoning off funds  (Read 48832 times)

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« Reply #360 on: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 23:14:56 »

Waterford's fan base has dwindled, but is is a big sporting area, dominated by GAA, their county hurling team is in the top four in the country.

Interesting to hear in the various interviews of Waterford's excellent youth set up and it's not something I've previously noticed.  There's no shortage of Liverpool and Man United fans though, so you never know, football could rediscover some of its past popularity.

Meanwhile whilst the golf courses are fantastic, Gaelic football and rugby are the real poor relations - and certainly in comparison to the rich horses and dogs heritage.  As a matter of course, there aren't too many other places I've seen a statue of a greyhound. 

However, this is traditional and passionate hurling territory where the kids on the streets and the beaches most likely have hurleys and sliothars - and the county has had an agonising 50 year plus wait to win an All Ireland, with more hard luck stories than you could throw a stick at.

Reg would love it, especially leading the TEF massive from Reginalds Tower to the ground for pre-season friendly.
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May have been mentioned before but I cant be bothered to read back -

Interesting listening to Powers chat with their equivalent of Shaun H

Power talks about how he's been looking for a club in ireland for a while
praised the facilities at Waterford and mentioned how they was better than some championship clubs
believes there is huge potential for the club
Will be putting in investment as the coming season will be about getting promotion out of league 1
Looking to build up the academy over the next few years
talks about youth football
Looking to appoint DOF, Manager etc in next few weeks

It will be interesting to keep an eye on developments there, I know he has silent partners but where will all the money come from for the investment in them and the investment needed at stfc in January.....

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« Reply #362 on: Wednesday, November 23, 2016, 17:59:35 »

A Waterford fan's take on things

'Haven’t figured out yet if Lee Power is incredibly stupid or incredibly smart.

Loads of potential for Waterford who should rightfully be a top tier club, with decent crowds (by LOI standards) and challenging for honours/ European football every now and then. However, even at that a LOI club is a money pit unless you strike gold like Dundalk – long shot.

I presume he sees synergies with the Swindon operation. Attract the best young talent from the region with the promise of loan move chances in League 1 (hopefully Championship from his point of view) if you produce in the LOI. If he uncovers a handful of players through that route he can sell them on for ~€1m rather than them leaving a LOI club for a fraction of that or for free. No doubt Waterford will also have an influx of loanees from Swindon’s youths/ reserves/ margins of first team squad/ returning injured players to bring them to a level where European football is a possibility also.'
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