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Author Topic: If you could buy only one album ever....  (Read 4976 times)
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« Reply #45 on: Saturday, May 6, 2023, 12:24:20 »

Original Pirate Material by The Streets.

An absolute, pioneering masterpiece. I remember being a 16 year-old travelling on the school bus when Jo Whiley gave 'Has it come to this?' it's debut play on her breakfast show. The bus was usually pretty raucous but when it came on everyone listened. It was massively ahead of its time, blending garagey homemade beats with rap-esque vocals (Skinner cites Wu-Tang and Nas as big inspirations), a sound that many have tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to imitate since. He said he loved garage and hip-hop but that UK hip-hop often sounded like a poor imitation of American stuff, so wanted to make a UK version that was authentic to British culture. I was too young to go raving but it instantly captivated me and became even more relevant as I grew older and started to go out clubbing (n.b. 'Weak Become Heroes'). I love the anecdotes from his biography, such as making it on an IBM ThinkPad laptop and recording the vocals in a wardrobe with a duvet and mattress to reduce echo. It still sounds brilliant and cutting edge, over 20 years after release.

The 'difficult second album' was conquered by a masterpiece in storytelling that ran through the whole album, about losing 1,000 down the back of his TV. The third album was an absolute shambles (too much cocaine and money) but the two after had plenty of great tracks, arguably much more profound than his earlier stuff - n.b. Everything Is Borrowed, On The Edge of a Cliff, The Escapist, Blip on a Screen, Trying to Kill M.E. Additonally, the last album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Skinner, which very few, if any, artists are capable of or have attempted.

What a well thought out and presented answer.

The Cheeky Girls - Hooray Hooray(It's A Cheeky Holiday)
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I'll Tell Ya Now - McGurk Is The New Graham


« Reply #46 on: Saturday, May 6, 2023, 14:35:09 »

My music taste is too eclectic. I genuinely couldn't unless chose just one album; unless we're allowing our own mixtapes 

'Incessant Nonsense'


'I'm gonna tell you the secret.
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You smell the gunpowder and you see the blood, you know what that means?
It means you're alive. You've won.
You take the heads so that you don't ever forget.'
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« Reply #47 on: Sunday, May 28, 2023, 11:59:11 »

Lazy ways by Marine girls. 40 years old but I keep coming back to it so maybe that should be the one?

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