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Author Topic: FA Membership Stripped  (Read 1294 times)

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From Roddy Radiation on Rivals...

Roddy_Radiation Posted on 27/9 19:35 Email this Message | Edit | Reply  
No longer full members of the FA?  

Saw a copy of the Wiltshire FA meeting minutes from the 6th September and was bit surprised to see the following entry.

"Section 02/08 - Correspondence.
(r.)Swindon Town Administrators Hacker Young have informed the County FA of the continuing problems of carrying out their obligations to creditors. It is noted that the club will have a new Chairman shortly who it is hoped will clear the clubs debts. It is also noted that the club has had its Football Association Membership withdrawn along with Leeds united who have committed similar offences."

Don't think this actually means a lot more than losing voting rights and not getting any FA cup final tickets but a little bit surprised that nothing has been said about this by the club or in the press if its true.
Better not be a Town v Leeds cup final otherwise Wembley could be a bit empty!

Anyone confirm?

May explain why we voted in favour with Leeds recently (presumably before we lost our membership) and looks like the first splatters of an almighty vindaloo shit could be hitting the fan.

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