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Author Topic: I have just had a wonderfull idea.  (Read 1267 times)

« on: Friday, April 22, 2005, 17:43:01 »

You know in motor racing they have a camera on the car so that sometimes on tele you can see the race from the drivers perspective. I think its really great. Well surely with the advanced technology we have these days the same could be applied to football. A small lightweight camera could be fixed to lets say Fallon or Heywoods shoulder or on top of their heads.  The pictures could then be broadcast on telivision. This would give the veiwer a wonderfull insight of the game from the players perspective.

I think we would be the perfect club to try out this new idea because we have nothing more to play for this season and TV might give some extra money to the club for allowing them to put the cameras on players heads. lets say 200 quid per player.

I think as fans if we could see things from the players point of veiw we would be less critical and realise that they are not all crap and that the game is quite hard really.
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