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Author Topic: Dermot Drummy  (Read 4128 times)
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Cheers Reg, I have been up to Ninestone a few times as used to visit Robin Hood Stride. We had friends at nearby Birchover.

Yes Arbor Low is well visited up here and also *Nine Ladies. Interesting that we (Derbyshire) would name two stone circles 'nine' when Ninestone has about four, possibly five and Nine Ladies has ten stones. Although Nine Ladies is representative of nine witches turned to stone, dancing to a pipe player ('The King Stone' as some may call it) in the centre. My late Granddad used to tell me on the Solstice the Witches rise again (he wasn't a devout Pagan), at 5/6 years old that was pretty scary!

Ninestone must've had nine at one point unless it referenced laylines too. I don't know as much about Ninestone and it isn't as well known. Beautiful parts of my County, I must admit.

*Nine Ladies is not a Derbyshire version of the fast food chain Five Guys

Nine ladies just sounds like a typical Friday night out for Reg.

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Sad news, but how do we know he was suffering from depression? Being sad or even desperate is not necessarily the same thing.

He always had a smile on his face, and like most of us I would never have known that he had suffered from recent bouts of depression – this after being sacked from Crawley and not feeling he had been given a proper second chance anywhere.

30 years now and I've moved on and still we got the torys back in the chair
The current generation are out on the streets
With a whole new set of reasons to be fighting police
No justice and Stephen we know where to start
Gangs are busy tearing inner cities apart

30 years still living in a ghost town
Still dragging us down
Telling us the way we should live

Guns of Navarone....
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