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Author Topic: End of the Season and Contracts for Next  (Read 635 times)
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« on: Wednesday, April 25, 2007, 12:30:12 »

Sturrocks in the paper talking about how many players are out of contract: All but Brez, P.Smith, Peacock, Zaboub and (sadly) Whalley. And Jutkiewicz, but he's off anyway. So, 4 players guarenteed for next year (and Brezovan may well have interest from Leeds)

Looking at that, of the current crop, who would you keep, and then what does that leave us needing to sign.

Brezovan and Smith are both still in contract and both look very solid. This could well be the best competition we've had for places since...well, quite a while. Griemink/Evans perhaps. This areas clearly covered, although Jon Stewart may well go (I think he's a final year scholar?)

On the left, Nicho and Vincent are probably both worth keeping. Both have had their critics but unless Sturrock can find a brilliant option, its not really a priority. Vincent's also got the experience and I think he's probably helped bring on Ifil this year.

On the right, Jack Smith's been characteristically steady and deserves a new deal, which he'll probably get. I haven't seen much of Noubissie (who has) but providing he's cheap enough, I can't see any reason to get rid, as he'll undoubtedly improve when he gets enough English to communicate with the others. Claude Gnapka seems to be held in a high regard by all who've seen him, if not for commitment over skill, so a similar why not to him.

Getting Ifil signed up should be a priority, he's been one of our best players this year and improved immeasurably alongside more experienced defenders. Similarly, Adi Williams, while clearly not in his prime any more has shown he is a class above when he's played, and should be kept even if he cannot play as much next year, moving into a player/coaching role perhaps. Westwood again is one who is only worth signing if the contracts right, or if Sturrock can't get hold of a preferred target- I've seen Graham Coughlan mentioned- but is more than capable if we do need to sign him. Partridge has already gone, and while Sturrock said he may well be trialled again in the summer, I don't think he's likely to sign- like Ifil, too prone to bookings and two suspension heavy defenders is a bit risky.

Overall, no desperate need to strengthen at the back, as its been probably the best bit of our team this year. The main things are keeping Ifil, Williams and Jack Smith and getting sufficient cover in.

I think Aaron Brown's card is marked and I doubt we'll see him in a Town shirt next year- Sturrock seems very much into attitude as much as ability, and his is definitely questioable. Zaboub will still be here next year, so left wing isn't desperate, and Andy Caton may well be fit again and Sturrock seems to see his future on the wing, so if he does stay, which is touch and go as he will have to prove his fitness after a bit of a nightmare year, it will probably be as a winger.

On the right, Shakes would be one of the more difficult decisions. He's clearly got pace, but his consistently bad crossing often infuriates and the less said about his dancing the better. I'd get rid, but if nothing better can be found, I wouldn't be adverse to keeping him. Kevin James will go, he hasn't featured and the word from those who watch the reserve games seems to indicate his attitude is a bit dodgy.

In the middle, Whalley's got another year of sitting on his arse awaiting him. I hope we can get rid, because while you can't expect him to walk away from financial security for his family, it'd be nice if he has to work for his money somewhere else. Evans needs looking at because, while he's been undoubtedly good when he's played, reading between the lines seems to indicate his injury is more severe than we think- with further exploratory surgery coming up. If he can still play, sign him up in an instant. If he can't, it'll be a big gap to fill. Michael Po ok has been panned quite often on here and everywhere, but he's been nearly everpresent this year and its nice to see a local lad in the team, so he may as well stay as backup.

Timlin has been pretty good, but I don't think we've got a chance of getting him full time- although with Chris Coleman gone, the chance may arise and it would be worth doing that deal.  Peacocks transformation into a midfielder has been one of the big plusses of the season and he'll undoubtedly start there next term. Weston will probably leave, although its a shame as he seemed promising at the start of the year. Ben Wells will probably go too, again one who hasnt really had a chance to stake his claim. A decent right winger for next year would be nice.

With Jutkiewicz going, Peacock in midfield and Brownlie seemingly having no future at the club, that leaves a bit of a gap, especially with Roberts still being exasperatingly patchy. I'd get rid of Roberts as despite the club sticking by him through his problems, he never really seems to have recovered the threat he had when he first signed. He still makes the occasional run, but it just seems too occasional for me. Sturrock Jr. is worth a longer term contract as a squad player, and signing Barry Corr would be a good move based on his recent performances- if not his record.

Holgate will probably be shipped out, especially if Macclesfield will pay but I think he was worth another chance. Hoppper looked promising from the youth team until ge got injured, and perhaps Caton might get a look in. Either way, it seems we need some more strikers, particularly experienced ones who can be fairly reliable scorers. We've all prayed for the return of Parkin, but sadly I can't see it happening.

Well, theres a nice hour and a half of college wasted. Overall, the team needs a bit of work, particularly up front, but Sturrocks delivery of signings so far has been impressive- particularly on deadline day which has so often slipped by with "missed targets"- Sturrock definately brought home the goods when needed. Expect to see some more unkown French Players a la Gnapka and Noubissie- it seems Sturrock has some contacts there.

Keep: Jack Smith, Jerel Ifil, Adie Williams, Evans (if fit), Timlin (if Fulham will release) Corr, Sturrock Jr, Gnapka.

Get Rid: Shakes, Whalley (if at all possible) Roberts, Brownlie, Wells, Stewart

Will probably go: Weston, Caton and Holgate (though I'd keep them)

Not bothered but may as well keep: Pook, Noubissie, Westwood (if possible)
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