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Author Topic: Nostalgia  (Read 1139 times)
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« on: Saturday, October 1, 2005, 18:14:19 »

Is something I am going to have in my mind tonight to take my mind off the depressing times at the club at the moment.

Port Vale at home next Saturday. I remember the game on the 3rd March 1990. The best season ever I have enjoyed watching Swindon, saw most of the games.

This from what I remember was one of Swindons best performances, yet had 3 of the stranger goals in it.

First one was Calderwoods 70 yards free kick which dipped in just under the bar with the keeper nearly getting to it. I will argue with anyone that it was better than Beckhams because it had to be really acurate because their goalie wasn't so out of position like Neil Sullivan.

The second goal. Long ball forward, 2 defenders and the goalie seem to collide and Steve White nips in between to head it into the net.

And the 3rd. Long goal kick from Digby, bounces once and Big Dunc from the edge of the area does a superb volley into the net.

Those were the days. I feel I may have to get my 89-90 video out of the cupboard later to cheer myself up.
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