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Author Topic: New tv rights deal for EFL  (Read 2219 times)
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Quote from: Pookemon
point i was trying to make is that this deal means that c25% of EFL games will be moved from 3pm to be televised.   At what point is the 3pm broadcast restriction, actually restricting being able to watch football at 3pm?

In time more games will be televised, we can all watch them now anyway if we want, so is the end of the 3pm kickoff inevitable, unless the broadcast restriction is lifted?

10 games a weekend, but only 5 from l1 and L2 combined

But it's an interesting  point, would we get more at home with 3pm than being pulled left right and centre for TV avoiding it.

Still think it's a real risk long term. I think you are right it's inevitable so we'll see.
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