Question: Who was TEF Man of the Match?
Ward - 0 (0%)
Egbo - 0 (0%)
Baudry - 27 (40.3%)
Conroy - 1 (1.5%)
Iandolo - 1 (1.5%)
Reed - 1 (1.5%)
Williams - 0 (0%)
Payne - 35 (52.2%)
Barry - 0 (0%)
McKirdy - 1 (1.5%)
Davison - 0 (0%)
Odimayo - 0 (0%)
Gladwin - 1 (1.5%)
O'Brien - 0 (0%)
Total Voters: 67

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Author Topic: STFC vs Forest Green R MoM  (Read 2438 times)
Peter Venkman
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« Reply #15 on: Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 10:18:44 »

I went with Baudry as hes genuinely surprised me since coming back in the team, hes been our best defender.

1st half I would have said Williams, 2nd half probably Payne but overall I plumped for Frenchy, in his last season in professional football he seems to be giving it everything he has.

But, no player really let us down yesterday, the only minus point is Iandolo stupid niggly fouling, 14 yellow cards, he should not have been booked for either challenge if he kept his head, now we are a left back down on Saturday thanks to him. Neither looking bookable offences is no excuse for silly niggly challenges all the time and shirt pulling, maybe there is actually a player in there if he can keep his head in the game and not get distracted.

I think that yesterday was our 1st genuine backs to the wall performance this season under Garner that has succeeded in its plan.

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