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Author Topic: Barrow v Swindon pre match chat and matchday thread  (Read 25376 times)

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TBF to our centre backs, Barrows strikers were rather shithousey all physicality until they were touched then dropping like a bag of spuds, so part of me can see why he was getting frustrated, the main problem with Conroy's (and in fact the entire teams) game on Saturday was constantly giving the ball away on anything bar a sideways and backwards pass, really not helped by Gladwin constantly playing facing his own goal so every time it was played out to him it invariably came back with added presure.

The problem Saturday was no movement in front of the back line.
You could see the frustration. Ryan East disappeared after 15 minutes. Simpson lost interest and was equally frustrated. McKirdy would have been better coming off the bench.

It was a game that was as clear to see needed changing. We didnít and the battle suited Barrow.
Our midfield and forwards, apart from Payne who at least tried to show himself were woeful.

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