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Author Topic: Clem Q&A  (Read 1363 times)
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« on: Monday, November 22, 2021, 20:35:10 »

Think I saw that there was a Clem Q&A session the other day. Did anyone listen and if so was there owt of interest?

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« Reply #1 on: Monday, December 27, 2021, 14:37:34 »

I Googled Clem a while ago, and found that he was originally a plumber and is now managing director of a company AXIS plumbing. There was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald recently.

" Clem Morfuni is used to starting things from scratch. Nearly 30 years ago, he was an apprentice plumber who built an empire from his bedroom in Sydney’s northern suburbs. It now turns over $200 million a year, employs 800 people and works with some of the world’s largest construction companies on major projects like hotels, hospitals, casinos and stadiums.

His next challenge neatly ties together his business expertise and his lifelong passion for football: taking the broken, empty shell of a once-proud club, one of the oldest in England, and making it whole again."  (There was more.)

This might be old news, but I was not aware of his history.


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