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Author Topic: Mutiny at Swindon  (Read 1326 times)

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« on: Monday, October 4, 2021, 18:39:56 »

So many gags here, don't know where to start.

"Passenger 'mutiny' forces packed train to reverse​
Travellers caused the train to stop after it failed to stop at Swindon

Rail passengers launched a "mutiny" on Sunday night and forced a train to reverse course after their service failed to stop at a scheduled station .

Travellers on the packed 2.19pm high-speed Great Western Railway (GWR) service from Penzance protested after it failed to stop at Swindon on the way to Paddington.

At least six emergency alarms sounded just after the train had passed Swindon, according to reports. The train was forced to stop before eventually turning back and letting off those who had missed their station.

The incident caused widespread disruption on the network and led to the "dangerously overcrowded" train finally terminating at Reading more than two hours after it was meant to arrive at London Paddington. Travellers on board called the experience a "nightmare".

"Swindon united against GWR in a mutiny," said one passenger, who wanted to remain anonymous.

"No one knows the reason why the train did not stop at Swindon, when it was part of the stops and people wanted to get off. Eventually, they did concede a win to the Swindon people and the train went back there."

Susannah Butter, a journalist who was on the train, said: "We were stopped outside Swindon for nearly an hour because passenger alarms kept being pulled all the way down the train and they stopped the wheels from working.

"I'm not sure if it was a protest or just people causing trouble (or just someone who really wanted to go to Swindon). The train is absolutely packed."

Ms Butter said her carriage was "very crowded", adding: "They kicked us all off at Reading, where the escalator is broken and all the trains [to London] are late." Other passengers said on social media the train was "too busy" to move down the carriages to reach staff and ask for information but claimed there was a "great community spirit" as many joked about the delays.

Many passengers complained on social media. One said on Twitter: "We are being told not to panic and people keep pulling the passenger alarms. The train is dangerously overcrowded."

Another said: "According to the information provided by the driver of the train, several alarms have been pulled repeatedly for no reason, and if it happens again we'll all be punished with a cancelled service and let off at Swindon."

GWR had told passengers the train would arrive into London Paddington at 9.25pm. However, all passengers were eventually told to alight at Reading and the train did not continue.

GWR confirmed that a communication alarm had been activated and apologised to passengers, saying the train had been due to arrive into Paddington at 9.25pm."

Not a Batch

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we shall fight them on the sidings..
Shit Bacon

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(or just someone who really wanted to go to Swindon)

Seems unlikely.

I was on a train that forgot to stop (literally, the driver forgot) at Pewsey once. Rather fewer people cared.

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we shall fight them on the sidings..

....and on the platforms.
Peter Venkman
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we shall fight them on the sidings..
From the station at Colchester to the cells of Warrington
From the services at Leicester to the slums of Northampton
We'll travel over England and 1 day europe too
Cos we all follow the Swindon we're the famous Town End crew.

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