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Author Topic: The Walking Dead *SPOILERS*  (Read 173547 times)
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FFS I want to hear about the new WD not Jimmys thoughts on him being cyber bullied
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FFS I want to hear about the new WD not Jimmys thoughts on him being cyber bullied

I'm defiantly not being bullied

So, give no fucks

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I'll Tell Ya Now - McGurk Is The New Graham


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Back on topic of this very niche part of the TEF...

The following is a review of how the episode was shot and different colour grading. Basically technical shit and some Easter eggs...I won't post a proper review until next Monday eve (if I get time).

Previously on AMCs The Walking Dead...

Season 11 Part B Premiere: Episode 9: No Other Way

If any of you watched the series finale of TWD: World Beyond then you will know what happened in the "Marvelesque" end credits scene - which was an absolute beast of an Easter egg. If you haven't, highly recommend that you fast forward to that part and watch as gave some hints/answers to the origins of how this all happened.

Why mention that? Well this is the first TWD Universe episode since that TWD:WB finale and what follows will also make sense. More on that later...

This Part B premiere opens with the same set of graphic stylised credits we have seen for a few seasons now, with the ever crumbling and destructing "THE WALKING DEAD" title. This is combined with the pretty much iconic (and I hate using this word when something isn't) Bear McCreary 92bpm chamber string arrangement that most of us all know and love.

Prior to this we get a "previously" which as usual informs us of where everyone was at. In this case it had left us with Maggie & Negan being "faux Whisperers" leading a small horde of Walkers to the Reaper HQ. With the demise of the Reapers seemingly imminent after Daryl murdered their leader "Pope", they have one last play as self-appointed new leader "Leah" (Daryl's kinda side chick) sets off a Hwacha (a firework laden rocket launcher essentially used as a targetable weapon) and directs it towards the horde.

The episode carries on from that moment in time and if you like both humans and Walkers being blown up by a rocket propelled arrow wedged into the chest then this is both an exciting and tense moment. There's a good chunk of accuracy here in terms of militia strategy as the Koreans were using these in the 1400s as a defence mechanism - so Leah's desperate move to protect their HQ is a modern spin in a less modern era.

I really enjoyed the camera work here as several shots were in the first person and the colouring seemed to be boosted slightly too. It was nighttime but you could see the characters quite well (something TWD struggled with when previously using film, although I personally had no problem with it). There was enough tension in this first scene but of course you kind of expect that no-one major was going to be killed right at the beginning...right?  Sword Fight Pope Hide

This continues for just about enough time and ultimately determines the fate of the Reapers. It's a really powerful scene for TWD and mirrors previous actions of others.

Later on there are scenes with Maggie & Negan which actually are some of the best delivery I've seen from Maggie and JD-M as the rehabilitated Negan is a far cry from his post blood thirsty caricature that we used to see. He's really developed his character into a more believable one in recent years. This continues in this episode.

There's then a few surprises as there is quite a moment of reflection relating to loss, faith and ultimately delayed grief for some of these characters. Father Gabriel battles his own demons whilst also having to make an important decision or two.

The transition from scene to scene for me was quite awesome, especially when we head back to Alexandria which is essentially all but demolished and burning. The group here are also fighting off a last remaining horde of Walkers as well as their windmill being ablaze and out of control; even with a storm it still burns and basically life at Alexandria is pretty grim. The colour grading here reflects that as the scenes are incredibly ashen, grey and watery. Other than saving their lives it seems like there is no future for Alexandria and it's had some big hits.

There's some nice badassery moments as the usual Walker kill count continues in accumulation and there is a really cool one with Aaron which (if you like those moments) I enjoyed. I think the way Greg Nicotero and his team at KNB come up with new types of Walker and ways of them being killed or such like is genius - especially with the amount of talent in SFX MUA on display. It's one of my favourite constants for TWD. There is also another Walker "kill" during that time too but I did mention about watching the TWD:WB post-credit scene and I believe TWD just slipped in an Easter egg right here in S11E9. Tell me if you think the same when/if you watch it; it's subtle (I think) and had to play it back to check but it was definitely a revelation of sorts even if minor.

Towards the end we get another Easter egg as those who fought the Reapers return to Alexandria along with a bunch of supplies. All that is fairly disinteresting but a familiar face rocks up with some people and makes an offer to the broken Alexandrians that they really can't refuse. It's again shot beautifully as all the grading of the Alexandrians remains in this greyed/washy tone but this other person is purposefully shiny/fresh and the show editors make sure they really make this person "pop".

Right before the end credits, we get a beautiful panned shot of Maggie on one of the Alexandria defence posts looking all tired, grieven and all but fed-up. Along with the same ashen/washy colour grade we then get a "6 Months Later" which gives us our final Easter egg and probably one the most WTF moments (and I mean one of those "good WTF" moments) for TWD history. It certainly surprised me and wasn't expecting it.

Overall it's a nicely shot part B opener and in terms of story it laid enough groundwork for this middle section of the final season. Some ghosts were put to bed, some characters were finally pushed aside and enough tension and twist to be quietly excited for the rest of part B. I fully expect the next episode to be Commonwealth centric after this focused mostly on life outside of the Commonwealth. It'll be interesting to see how these two communities merge!

NB: One final note, whilst this episode is fairly Maggie centric it's a really good delivery and as mentioned, especially her scenes with Negan but overall it was a good performance. She still annoys me a little but there is feeling of change and tweaks to the character who makes some tough decisions that seemingly would not have happened in the past. I don't know, even in the erratic moments the whole performance from Lauren Cohan seemed much more believable.

Fan Theories
Just a quick mention on fan theories for the end of the series, there has been some quiet chatter that although Daryl is meant to be having a spin off series with either Carol/Leah/Connie (maybe all three), there is talk that when Rick comes back (he's coming back, I mean come on he's gonna be in the series finales surely?!!) that Rick kills Daryl. Now don't vouch for me on this but it would be pretty horrific if it ended with one of the self proclaimed "Brothers" actually ended up killing the other. That points to Rick killing Daryl as we know that Rick is going to be in the TWD Movies.

Hmmm discuss? If you wish Smiley

Cheers for now,

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« Reply #588 on: Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 23:11:03 »

All comes to end next week then! They all looked fucked tbh. Not sure how they will wrap this one up. Some brilliant episodes recently. No last rick appearance it seems.

Can't really see a proper ending to all of this other than them all dying!
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Rick's getting a spin-off series isn't he.

Shame there's no final crossover. Maybe it would be too plot spoilerish for the spinoff.

I've no idea what's happened since Rick left as I stopped watching. I guess jumping on the last episode isn't going to be possible to see how it all ends
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