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Author Topic: Swindon Town vs Tranmere Rovers prematch and matchday  (Read 11903 times)

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« Reply #330 on: Today at 02:12:31 »

"Nothing to see" apart from an entertaining victory with good performances and quality goals I suppose. But you are entitled to look at it that way I guess. Fair enough. Only a fool would say it's a turning point or anything but get some enjoyment while you can I say

I do love how RobT has effectively stated similar to myself, yet you respond with a much more measured approach to his post than mine. Interesting dynamic how you responded differently to similar posts.

I mean I even stated that Town played well in the second half. I never said you was a Clem Bummer either, yet my similar opinion is seemingly less valid than Ted Lasso? Sorry, I mean RobT.

Maybe we just both see it for what it is - yes in isolation, it's a good win but my opinion is that Tranmere are a poor side and Town also are a poor side - only Town are the slightly less poor. The first half was a weird hybrid of two very poor teams but with very much three individually great goals. Perhaps they thought they were playing in the FA Cup on't tele?

In the second half Town were better {I have stated this several times} and it seemed like any threat Tranmere may have had disappeared. It appeared to me that they had forgot how to score/create a goal. Fair fucks, Town deserved to win but it doesn't change my opinion that STFC are a poor side. They wouldn't be sat in 17th in the basement division if they were even a below average side. Our own interim manager has stated '''s a shit league.'' and as i've previously stated, if it is that shite and Town happen to be on the cusp of finishing in the bottom quarter, what would you say it makes them? In my opinion it does not make them good.

I'll enjoy the win in isolation but no matter how the season ends, I genuinely am not going to be happy about things unless the club ownership changes or we get notice of a new buyer for the club on the horizon {I won't be holding my breath either}. Until then, I'll still be of the opinion that the bar amongst several fan based has dropped so low that a mid table finish would be a happy proposition for them {I'm not saying that is your status/opinion either}. To me is very fucking sad, for a club I believe has so much bloody potential, an absolutely solid fan base {who appear to like being manipulated} for this division AND the division above. What the hell has happened to the aspirations of being pretty much a club that consistently challenges in League One? I will never be content with Town being also-rans in the bottom tier - as well as the borderline gamble with our Football League safety that the current owner seems to happily play with an ignorant nonchalance.

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« Reply #331 on: Today at 03:03:56 »

Well. The game was lacking in skill and for the best part any desire to win.
What surely must be noticed is the attendance of 7250.
February, Tuesday night in the rain and still making the effort.
Surely there is some bloody good reason why nobody wants to buy the club Huh?

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