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Author Topic: Let's Get Political!  (Read 1781860 times)

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« Reply #12735 on: Monday, March 13, 2023, 10:22:16 »

I thought tonight’s motd was better than the drivel which Linekar,  Ian Wright and co produce. Add commentary to the games and manager interview after the game and the bbc are onto a winner.

Problem is will the BBC or whoever pay the big bucks the PL desire for the rights which are going to provide less than an hour of schedule filling each week, I imagine the filling and punditry is as much for scheduling purposes than for any suggestion that people like it.

I never post on politics, but I've had ten pints so who gives a fuck.

At the end of the day if the post had been praising the home secretary or the policy, would he have been suspended?

My guess is that he wouldn't have been, nor would I be wasting time posting shit on here. 

This is it, strangely Lineker didn't get binned for this tweet!

The BBC are being played as prize pricks here, bearing in mind that a large part of the governments support overlaps with the 'defund the BBC' people this is just playing into their hands suggesting its a pointless lefty woke organisation that should be done away with, the government have, for once, played a blinder both filling the news with stuff that detracts from the shit show of the country (plus things like this have been lost in the noise ) whilst getting the BBC to fuck itself over.
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