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Author Topic: A brief match report....  (Read 1687 times)

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« on: Sunday, December 26, 2004, 22:28:31 »

...I can't be bothered with a big production a la Sonic Youth (not that there's anything wrong with big productions, it just hurts my eyes looking at the screen for too long  Oops  :shock: )

So here's a short summary as I saw it:

The team looked a lot more balanced and solid than it has done.

O'Hanlon looked quite good in his new midfield role.

Holmes looks like an excellent aquisition - Absolute quality.

Duke and Holmes linked well at times on the left and the two Taffy's linked wll down the right.

We did more attacking wise in the first 2 minutes than we did for the whole game against Notts County (I know that's two games ago but I'm still seething :x )

We did 'ride our luck' at times in the second half, they should have had two stick on pens (Reeves push, Evans trip).  I've seen them given for far, far less (Take a bow Mr Danson!!!).  Evans also made a magnificent save to deny them an equaliser.  We virtually went straight down the other end and went 2-0 up.

There is no doubt that the Gods were with us today, HOWEVER we did defend well, were committed for the full 90 munutes and looked dangerous at times.  Oh yes, we even passed it around for spells.

Make no mistake, it was not a classic, but it was a vast improvement on recent performances and was a step in the right direction.

P.S.  The way he's going, I predict that against Brentford, Christian Roberts will wear a Cromby overcoat and balaclava. (He may also have a couple of strategically placed hot water bottles strapped to him.)

That's it.
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