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Author Topic: hey guys!  (Read 875 times)
Danny Wilson

« on: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 21:15:48 »

I see that things haven't improved with the new man in charge yet. But don't worry, I have every confidence Swindon will still make the playoffs.

Just wondered if anyone had heard as to the whereabouts of my tactic book as the club say they don't have it. I really need it in case I get a new job next season and my team goes a goal or two down because I won't know what to do in that scenario otherwise. I'm starting to wonder if Paul has borrowed it because he's made a couple of blinding decisions in games from what I can see.

Peter and I have really enjoyed the honeymoon suite of the meridian club especially without Andrew on the phone about some lad from Hungerford 24/7. Anyway I'm off to tweet Simon Ferry.


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