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I seem to remember the Sinopharm one coming through at sub 60% efficacy, which could have some influence on proceedings.

On the Variants, I think the India one is not causing as much concern right now because the characteristics are known, and the existing Vaccines have shown to be effective against other variants with similarities.  Certainly in a petri dish world they work in a similar fashion as they do on other variants, aside from the one most prevalent in South Africa which does have some impact.

Fortunately, when it comes to Variants, it appears a lot can be understood once the genome is identified.  Real world data will obviously lag, but I presume we will reach a point of being able to spot the bad ones.

Looks to me like the UK and USA are both headed towards handling it as Endemic from the Autumn.  I do wonder if things like masks may start to take more hold, like they do in Asia.  Wouldn't be a bad thing in preventing the spread of all sorts of airborne diseases.  Like not spitting does these days.
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