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Author Topic: Just Dug This Out......  (Read 882 times)
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.....From 'Charles Buchan's Football Monthly', March 1969.

"The time does come when one can make a case for an upset in form; a time when a team of lesser station besting one from way higher is definitely on. It is good that this can be so.

But with all the goodwill in the World and bending over backwards (Dangerously so), I cannot see Third Division Swindon, decked out in their new all-white strip for the occasion, taking the shine out of the golden garb of Arsenal at Wembley on March 15."

Blah, blah, blah (It's a big article tbf)  "IT WILL BE ARSENAL'S LEAGUE CUP."

Gonna dig out what he has to say in the next issue!

It's All Good..............
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