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Author Topic: Two-faced wanker  (Read 3836 times)

« on: Saturday, December 11, 2004, 18:24:41 »

He says on the radio that Notts Co is a huge game, and that Boro would be the clubs biggest game for ages- and that he thinks the FA Cup is the one for all footballers. He also reckons a day out in Cardiff is just what we want as the league form is waning.

Make your fucking mind up Andy...
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Oh for fucks sake Dave use them sense. He never said he didn't care about the FA cup he said the league was the priority but now we have a chance of playing Middlesborough then of course he's going to take it seriously, why the fuck wouldn't he? I'd be seriously worried if he said it's only the fa cup so I don't really care.

Same with the ldv it's not a priority in early season and the last thing we needed was unnecessary injuries but now we've got through the early rounds    then it becomes a lot more important.
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