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Author Topic: The King Conspiracy - Finally uncovered  (Read 1732 times)

« on: Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 22:34:04 »

Now that the time is drawing near, I feel i can finally reveal my story to the world... but bear with me.. it is hard to say

I was in oxford... bashing some heads, converting some unrightios scum into red legends, when suddenly......

I saw king walk out of the Kassam singing oxford chants etc and saying he hates the town scummers!!!

This is proof he is an oxford fan and was sent here to destroy us but the overwhelming skill of the players have prevented him from getting us relegated.... so far....

The darkness is spreading and i fear it will soon happen... we will go down!

King wants in the same div as the oxford scum but as they r also going down at least that wont happen....

Please, only discuss my tale in safe place, under the light of the moon and let nought other soles head my tale....

Otherwise kings realm may continue as he sings mwahahahahahaha to himself
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