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Author Topic: Rochdale v Swindon Town pre match chat and matchday thread  (Read 23812 times)

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Quick as a Flash!

« Reply #420 on: Monday, March 20, 2023, 09:38:50 »

I had loads of messages on my phone Saturday night.

'Wow Flash, that must of been some game!?'

It wasnt, it was shit...

2 zip up before we even got going and i was scratching my head but happy enough to take it.

It was a tough watch after that.

I thought Dales first was offside but it had been coming!

The second was a worldy strike cannot argue with goals like that.

The third...sheesh that was fucking awful, he kept coming, we kept backing off and then he took a pot shot...goal...FFS!

Then we suddenly appeared to be 4:3 up.

Big credit to Austin.

Then we implode again. Conceded from a corner AGAIN.

They hit the post but i thought Brynn had it covered but we really should of lost it with that last kick that was skyed away with that.

The team from back to front was poor, defence non existant, poor midfield and only Charlie able to control a ball up front. Hepburn Murphy looked like he was doing the Can Can everytime the ball got close to him.

Hutton suddenly cant cross properly.

Lord it was awful.

The play offs went a few games back but the last two results were proper nails in the coffin.

I hope Morris is the man but i am not convinced that you will promotion in L2 playing total football.

I am away now on hols, next game Mansfield.  I suspect Stockport will put us out of our misery!

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Clems Army!

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« Reply #421 on: Monday, March 20, 2023, 10:11:58 »

Crude maths and guesswork I know but hear me out: I don't think it is inconceivable that we lose approx 1,000 season ticket holders from last season assuming we finish in mid-table. They won't all be full price tickets, but let's average that out at maybe 300,000 in lost income.

At absolute best we might have made 150,000 on Reed and Gladwin (Crawley may have spent silly money), but probably closer to 100,000.

I know they both blew hot and cold but that seems an insane, short-sighted gamble to have made. I think with those two in the squad we'd be in better shape, and still in the playoff mix.

January 2023 will go down as an all-time Swindon omnishambles.

Another point that needs reviewing is our success, or lack thereof, in the loan market this year. It was clear to anyone with a brain that SDM, Lindsey and Day was a combination woefully lacking in top-level football contacts and I think that has really shown. At least one loan star has been a feature of every good Swindon side in recent years. Compare and contrast this season's clown show with Garner/Chorley. I think Brynn can be judged as a success on balance but I actually think he's been a huge factor in our recent downturn. Zero command of the box and no confidence coming for a ball. That goal at Sutton where he wanted a foul was embarrassing from a GK perspective. But he's the best of the bunch but he's no Benda/Wes. We won't have this issue with Morris going forward, I'm certain.

All of the above is on SDM. His performance has been farcical, and that is before you get onto his famous interview. He isn't even good at PR, which is the only thing he has a background in. The whole thing is baffling and if Clem has anything about him he will end this experiment the second the playoffs are mathematically impossible. I want to see a picture of a corner flag on social media and a statement saying he's gone and Morris/Brand have full control.

Completely agree. Especially about Brynn. How many of these corners have we conceded are within 6 yard area? Command the box and get out and punch/claim it
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« Reply #422 on: Monday, March 20, 2023, 10:22:16 »

Quote from: THE FLASH
Hutton suddenly cant cross properly.


Earlier in the season he was crossing a lot, but rarely to anyone. Was that because we had no movement in the box people legitimately asked.

Now we have someone who comes alive in the box the crosses have slowed in numbers and are largely  poor.

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Beware Aussies in bucket hats bearing gifts

« Reply #423 on: Monday, March 20, 2023, 10:56:49 »

Can recommend the post match Loathed Strangers pod if you are a glutton for punishment. Neatly sums up my feelings of where we are at as a club.

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« Reply #424 on: Monday, March 20, 2023, 11:07:10 »

Completely agree. Especially about Brynn. How many of these corners have we conceded are within 6 yard area? Command the box and get out and punch/claim it
His confidence seems to have gone and again coincides with us losing the experience of MacDonald and FBT in defence. The young promising keeper approach only works if you have experience in defence to help guide them. With Benda we had Baudry, Hunt and Grant constantly talking to him, when Foderingham first came we had McCormack and Caddis. It made a massive difference.

You either need experience in defence to guide a young keeper or an experienced and vocal keeper to guide the inexperienced defence. We have neither now and it really shows.
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« Reply #425 on: Monday, March 20, 2023, 12:35:27 »

Hutton suddenly cant cross properly.

I think its more that he can't run in two directions in a game.

At the beginning of the season he was spraying crosses everywhere. His defending was also atrocious.

Then he started taking on defenders and crossing with more consistency. That enabled him to pin back opposition when they had the ball as they didn't want to overcommit too much. He was still caught out in defensive duties, but not as much.

Then we had the transfer window and he seem to decide he wouldn't take full backs on. He'd cut inside and pass square or cross from really deep, which was mostly batted away by CBs.

At the weekend, he seemed to take people on again, but often didn't track back. The midfield didn't do much to try to get the ball back, which left the others at the back exposed. Hence conceding 4 goals.

I hope someone in L1 wants to offer us some money for him. Cash in and move on please.

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