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Author Topic: League 2 hopes, fears & predictions 2018/2019  (Read 5745 times)

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Although the second goal was Vigs fault i don't think Lancashire did much to help him. He dithered and then played a pass the left footed keeper had to take a touch for first.

I wasn't impressed with Lancashire at all on Sat but i think we have to remember that he has missed a lot of preseason and that's his first 90 mins of football. Want to see what the Nelson lad is like but i think Lancashire will get better.

I was very impressed with Adebayo. He had a good header that hit the bar, had a decent attempt in the second half that the keeper had to push past the post. He won the first penalty and created 2 chances for Doughty in the first half with good knockdowns that the keeper did well to save. He also showed a turn of pace on a couple of occasions noticeably in the second half and linked up well with others.

I think the most shocking thing about Sat was taking off Alzate, i thought the guy looked class. Twine is not even close to the same standard. If Brown wants two more then i think one has to be someone who can cover the full back roles and the other, someone who can play across the front 3. I'm not sure how well Richards plays in this set up, but he does score goals. I think we have to wait and see how good an improved Anderson/McGlashan and Woolery are going to be. Another to compete in that area so we dont need Twine would be good.

The best thing about this season compared to last is the number of players who look like they can create something when we need it, something we lacked completely last year.

Its difficult to judge though given Macclesfield only just got promoted, this Sat will tell us much more.
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