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Author Topic: Swindon Town v Yeovil Town - Official Matchday Thread  (Read 9713 times)
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Weirdly I watched Danny Dyer's real Football Factories on Netflix yesterday and Cass Pennant was talking about those persil vouchers. Its how West Ham's 'ICF' firm came to fruition.
I think it had a large hand in Swindon Town Aggro Boys (STAB) too back in the 70s as many of them trvaelled to games on the trains, several based well out of Swindon too like Gloucester, Newbury, Wantage.

There is a short piece on them here.

Hard-pressed British soldiers swore they had seen angels, ghostly archers, even St. George himself, riding to their aid near Mons in August 1914 WWI.
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