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Author Topic: 2018 Footballing Blogging Awards  (Read 546 times)

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Now I know what your thinking, Why are you posting this. I hope this will be ok to post Admins, sorry in advice if not, please delete other wise. Alright Treacles, Whats Happening. For shits & giggles, and whatever you think of me, you like what I do, you hate me and what I do, or you just couldn't give a toss. Voting for the 2018 Footballing Blogging Awards is open! To vote for me to win, copy this tweet or go to the website. I am voting in @theFBAs for @LoudmouthBFC in category #FBAYoungBlogger C YA LATER!
And yes the ''Young'' ? has been done. I'm really 17, supporting Barnet does this to a person.
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