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Author Topic: Flitcroft - Does any of this sound familiar ?.  (Read 2593 times)

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      Copied from Mansfield Forum  -      Bury fanís view of Flitcroft

by part time pete Ľ Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:38 pm

Not sure how much truth is in this but picked up this view from a Bury fan posted on another site.

Okay, I must say at this late stage in the season, and with a good squad already in place, it would not surprise me in the slightest if Flitcroft gets you promoted. Especially if it is the same Flitcroft who arrived at Gigg Lane in December 2013, full of passion and enthusiasm.

If it is with that attitude he approaches the job at Field Mill then you will see some good attacking football and probably a few high scoring wins and even automatic promotion with style.

He will however, most likely fail at league one level as it is IMO much tougher up here than league two. And once he loses a game or two, or players make a mistake or two, he starts making ridiculous changes to the teams and much worse, persists with them regardless of results.

He will at times play excellent, attacking football and if you get on a good run then you will look unbeatable at times.

However there are so many negatives. Even with a budget, he doesn't know what to do with it and he will likely end up signing too many players for one position and leave you very light in many other areas.
He can't sign a goalkeeper to save his life. I think in his near three years at Bury he used 14 goalkeepers. Only one, Pope, who already had an excellent reputation was any good.
He will fall out with and force out good players and replace them with expensive dross.
He will remain loyal to players who don't particularly deserve loyalty.
He will play players ridiculously out of position and persist with it regardless of anything.
He will play players when they are unfit.
Your list of injuries will go through the roof, by all account Flitcroft's training methods were to blame for our on going injury problems. Did he at any point change them? Not a chance.
His assistant Futcher is an apparent bully who many players fall out with.
He constantly claims he 'bloods the youth' he doesn't, he might play one kid for five minutes in the checkatrade trophy and then harp on about it like he is Matt Busby afterwards.
Don't expect any big performance at the B2Net this season. His league record against Rochdale for us was a shambles. In March 2016 they beat us 3-0 at Spotland and it could have been 6! Flitcroft spent the game with his hand in his pockets staring into space and apparently rang Keith Hill at half time with the score at 2-0.
More importantly, he lost our biggest game at Gigg Lane in years against Bolton last season with a whimper. He started with a negative formation, we didn't have a single effort on goal, and despite conceding two questionable penalties we were easily beaten. Flitcroft blamed the ref and just seemed to shrug his shoulders as if it wasn't a big deal. This defeat came after a 2-0 defeat at Spotland a week earlier, where, at 1-0 down Flitcroft had taken off Zeli Ismail, our main threat on the right, and put the awful, unfit stiker, Hallam Hope on at right wing. Our attacks petered out and Dale scored again. Flitcroft blamed the ref and shrugged off the defeat as though it was another 90 minutes.

His last few games kind of summed him up. We were already approaching a record breaking number of straight defeats. He still refused to blood any of the exciting young lads, instead opting to keep them on the bench but picking and playing anyone but them. In particular out of position or unfit players. 
We played Southend at home, and despite having several full backs on the bench he went with Neil Danns at right back and Kelvin Etuhu at centre back. Both are midfielders and neither were fully fit. We lost 4-1.
He then started the exact same team against Wimbledon on the Tuesday in a cup replay, we lost 5-0 and we were 4-0 down at half time. He was sacked the next day.

Lastly, he doesn't ever learn from his mistakes and as you can see, it is never his fault.[\i]


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These Bury fans love stirring it up.

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