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Author Topic: Crewe Alexandra v Swindon Town Matchday Thread  (Read 13029 times)
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A few more thoughts now I have perused the thread. Crewe's defence was everything we aren't. Organised, strong, cohesive. Apart from our goal, which was a bit flaky, Demetriou, Offord and O'Riordan showed how it should be done. I thought Demetriou was excellent and would have been ideal for us. I just did a bit of research on O'Riordan, and he's 20 years old and is expected to sign for Blackburn for 500k+ this transfer window. He joined the Crewe academy at 16 and is now looks a rolls royce of a centre back, strong and commanding. Compare him to Minturn (harshly or not) and you really see the difference between a proper footballing eduction and what we do.

As for the new signings - Very easy to say but Devoy is a severe downgrade on Kemp. (we knew he would be) Difficult to judge on one showing, but he looks very light weight. I liked what I saw in Glatzel, worked hard, intelligent runs and some nice touches, I get the feeling he might be a shining light for us in the weeks ahead. The keeper was very nervous early on, flapping at 2 corners but second half he seemed to gain in confidence, one lovely bit of footwork to fool their attackers and make some space to start an attack from the back.

As for the future, well Morfuni's Midas touch (the opposite is the Sadim touch seemingly but it doesn't work alliteratively) strikes again in giving Flynn a new contract earlier this season. As soon as that happened our form has hit a Tail Flynn, similarly to what happened at Walsall. But it's ok, Clem is personally over-seeing things, which from the outside looking in is like a cattery being opened by that women who was caught putting them into dustbins.

we've been to Aberdeen, we hate the Hibs, they make us spew up, so make some noise,
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