Question: Who was TEF Man of the Match?
Wollacott - 13 (25%)
Hunt - 1 (1.9%)
Conroy - 3 (5.8%)
Odimayo - 15 (28.8%)
Kesler-Hayden - 1 (1.9%)
Reed - 5 (9.6%)
Gladwin - 4 (7.7%)
Payne - 7 (13.5%)
Iandolo - 2 (3.8%)
Gilbert - 1 (1.9%)
Simpson - 0 (0%)
Williams - 0 (0%)
Lyden - 0 (0%)
Total Voters: 49

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Author Topic: Newport C vs STFC MoM  (Read 4105 times)
The Moral Majority

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Exactly that Mate and no opinion more valid than another.
Always enjoy your posts and thoughts as well. Without doubt definitely made some mistakes and Odimayo had an excellent game. Once the back line settled we settled down.
Special call out to Hunt having to play in a new role and cope with some pressure into the box.
All the defenders stood firm.
Odimayo if he could improve his distribution he could play at a higher level.
Reed and Conroy both have that in their locker.

Equally Newport in my opinion looked a decent side, their movement equally as good and they mixed it up a bit. Towards the end game opened up and was like a boxing match. Could have gone either way and thankfully it went to us.
Williams raised the tempo I thought as well. My Newport Mate reckoned the game changer.
He said Welsh Bastard 😂😂
Don't disagree with any of that.

Did notice that Spson seemed to get little service. Just used to draw defenders.

Although on a few occasions when Odimayo brought the ball out he tried to find Simpson to feet.

You're my incurable malady. I miss the pleasure of your company.
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