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Author Topic: Rip It Up Ep9 Survey: How We "see" With Our Brain  (Read 123 times)

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A quick two question survey for our upcoming episode of Rip It Up, where we will be discussing how some people "see" with their brain and some don't. It'd be nice to collect some of your thoughts and understand how some of you also see things (or not).


Just a disclaimer here: We know that most people tend to be decent and good people but unfortunately on one of our last surveys, there were some pretty disgusting comments and claims made that were not only unpleasant and personally directed at one of our hosts but were also completely unfounded.
We work hard to bring an informative show to our (admittedly Smiley ) limited audience; with that we understand it comes with the territory of differing opinions and perspectives (which we 100% love to hear/read), however we will never stand for abusive and defaming comments that target our hosts/guests/members of the public. We think this is an acceptable stance to have.
Any comments that we believe fall into this will be passed on to the relevant authorities, which may include relevant data regarding the individual(s) being passed on to them for investigation too. Your comments are always anonymous on our surveys because we respect your privacy but if you overstep the mark then we will always take relevant action to protect those targeted.

Enjoy your evening,
Milo D & Kev B
Rip It Up Podcast

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