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Author Topic: If anyone is vaguely interested, weve got a game on Tuesday. So Lincoln v STFC  (Read 8511 times)

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« Reply #330 on: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 11:20:46 »

Just 3 points separating the bottom 7,  can't say I've ever seen things this tight,  those games in hand could now make the difference, at least our goal difference has improved and that may prove vital come the end of the season.

Would rather have points than games in hand, there was a season a few years back when we had a fair few games in hand, we still got relegated.
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« Reply #331 on: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 12:01:04 »

and the season Rovers got relegated when they had many games in have over us. and a dodgy pitch.

we are in the mix.

interesting to hear the Lincoln commentator day that wigan looked like a team that could get up the table..

it's a tough mini League

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« Reply #332 on: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 12:04:18 »

Terry put it will on the podcast the other week - if a team at the bottom has two games in hand, but is only winning 1 in 3 over the course of the season, what is there to worry about?

Yes, they might win one, or even both. But its not likely

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« Reply #333 on: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 12:17:23 »

Wollacott 6
Could have done better with the goal probably but it did bounce in front of him and he did flap at one deep wind assisted cross.

Thompson 8
Looked far better and competed for everything my MotM

Grounds 6
Did what he is paid to do, defend

Broadbent 6.5
Made a few mistakes and lacks pace but did quite well and put in several decent tackles

Conroy 5.5
He looked ok, gave away a soft penalty against a man who was always going to ground with any tocuh as he has done several times this season, injury hampering him

Odimayo 7
Did well at right back and at centre half, get him tied down to alonger contract asap

Palmer 5.5
Good dead ball delivery but lacking in his over all play I thought

Payne 7
His best performance for us, was all over the pitch but is a bit lightweight, seemed desperate to score against his old side

Twine 7.5
played in a similar role to what he played in at Newport, was all over the pitch and didn't have to defend, waqs denied an obvious foul and was not too far away from connecting with a few shots and took 1 decent free kick

Brett, Brett, Brett, Brett Pitman, Brett Pitman 7
Massively under rated performance I thought, he did what he paid for, he scored, he hit the bar, he won a lot against his taller marker, I thought it one of his best performances for us

Garrick 7.5
Actually looked like a player, scored a lovely goal, was always a threat first half against a poor Lincoln defence, 2nd half they brought on a better fullback to mark him and he wasn't as good and was lagging at the final whistle, if he scored the chance when he was clean through he would have been MotM

Hunt 6.5
Did quite well broke up a few attacks and started some moves

15 shots with 6 on target against the league leaders is not to be sniffed at, we looked a team rather than a team of individuals, we chased them all over the pitch and I couldn't believe the space they were giving us in the middle of the park, certainly 1st half.

Easily our best perfomance under Sheridan.

How the hell are they top? they must have had a really bad off day as they looked very average, special mention to the keeper who was not quite Kovar but very close to his level.

Please keep playing like that, I actually enjoyed that game, a neutral couldn't tell which side was the higher placed of the 2.

More of the same on Saturday home to the struggling managerless Northampton please.

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« Reply #334 on: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 14:16:00 »

Not read back so apologies for what will undoubtedly be repetitious. Pleasantly surprised by the team selection, pleasantly surprised by the line up, pleasantly surprised by the positive style of play, pleasantly surprised by the result, and we could have won it if the Pork Pie Pele's dink had come off. As lots of us have said, we have the players they just need to be used correctly. Credit to Sheridan, he did that last night and we got a good result. That's a bonus point, though, Saturday is way more important in terms of a must win. Hopefully set up positively again, not revert to type
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« Reply #335 on: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 14:29:28 »

Sheridan must have last night realised a lot of this team can play football rather than just hoofball, continue and we may win a few more games, go back to hoofball and we will struggle.

With his swapping and changing players for different games and formations, you do wonder if we just need a bit of consistency.

Sadly by 5pm Sat the positives taken from today may be eradicated, when the dinosaur takes us back to hoofball

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« Reply #336 on: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 14:48:26 »

Would rather have points than games in hand, there was a season a few years back when we had a fair few games in hand, we still got relegated.
Exactly, but on this occasion it's not us that have the games in hand. The pressure is on them, not us.

They turned the Manor Ground into a public lavatory and we all pissed up the waaaallllllllll  !!!!!.
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