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Author Topic: Grand National  (Read 70450 times)

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Something like 40% of a horses bones are in their legs and the front legs take about 60% of their weight. Add to that you would never get the fucker to lay down long enough for it to heal, many sleep standing up anyway and alternate the weight giving each leg a rest, it's all a bit complicated.

Not getting in to a discussion about it. Again.

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Seems strange that he was put down without consulting with the owner.  It also can't have looked that bad a fall if they were waiting for him to run in at the end?

The fall at beechers (the one that the owners would have seen on tv) wasn't 'that bad', however as previously stated, the jockey less horse then fell again at the 11th, which they may not have seen, and it was that fall that let to the putting down of a champion. Well that's what I think may have happened.
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