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Author Topic: Les Ratings a la Port Vale  (Read 1256 times)

« on: Thursday, February 24, 2005, 18:14:59 »

Rhys- kicking was alright, made some very good saves from a couple of headers, looked quite assured- 7, and my motm

Jenkins- worked hard and linked up well with Igoe in the first 45 but often committed too far forward- 5

Heywood- for the second game running he was better positionally than Sean, and won everything in the air as usual- 6

O'Hanlon- made a couple of slips that a decent striker would have punished, and like Jenks went forward too far, good in the air- 5

Dukey- very good if un-noticed, defended well and probably was the hardest worker on the pitch- 7

Igoe- nearly back too his best in the first half, tired in the second but worked harder than usual, put the tackles in- 7

Hewlett- did quite well until the final 10 minutes where his passing and tackling went to pieces, needless booking- 5

Smith- not as good as he had been, worked hard butr the first touch was often awful, and he gave away about 6 billion free kicks- 5

Holmeboy- looked pissed off, not suprising given that not one pass went anywhere near him all night, but was our best route out of defence- 6

Parkin- very good control all night, set up Proctor with a nice bit of play, linked up with the midfield well, typical SSP- 7

Proctor- worked well with SSP until he tired and took his goal very well, looks pacy too, good acquisition- 6

In conclusion then, we thoroughly deserved to beat a Port Vale side who could quite frankly only pass backwards. Played some good stuff in the first hour and it would seem Harford has got us playing passing football, not hoofball. Have to take this run into the next 2 games to keep our P.O. hopes alive.

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Quote from: "dave_m_russell"

 and it would seem Harford has got us playing passing football, not hoofball. .

Dave your a cock star!


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whos Les? and why is he rating the players not you dave?

This is all part of the geek world domintaion consparacy if you ask me.
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