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Title: Todays Trialists
Post by: Dazzza on Monday, April 25, 2005, 23:50:50
Low down on what I could muster together on the two amigos who played in the 3-1 reserve  defeat today against Rovers...

Chris Wright GK

Clubs: Arsenal
Born: 27/09/1986


Chris was the regular goalkeeper for Steve Bould's Under-17s last season, and also filled in for the older age group on occasions.

Chris is a towering figure between the posts, and a great shot-stopper, and he continues to show plenty of potential as he works his way through the system.

James Holmes LB

Come up empty on this lad apart from he's a left back (Nicho's possible replacement?).  Not even listed on their official site all that he turns up is in reserve match reports which unfortunately don't make good reading.  Our very own McMaster of loan fame appears to have ripped him to shreds.