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Yep. Well aware of the BTC price right but 0.5 BTC bought now, in 10-15 years is estimated to be worth 100mil if the stock to flow ratio model is accurate. Do keep up Wink

I doubt too many of the great unwashed have a spare $15k rolling around at this moment in time. In all honesty, I think the true people who gained from BTC was the initial people who "mined" it when it floated about 100 a piece. There's good argument for a few wealthy investors/speculators purchasing pre 2017 but in BTC it's very much a rich man's asset now. Akin to people who used to buy Gold ingots before its unpegging from the dollar.

Although I'm sure you know there are plenty of digital assets and equities out there that are performing much better than BTC which doesn't require someone to risk most of their life savings or pension pots Smiley Essentially, with some there is good investment that these projects will grow significantly. Personally I have put in on several that were only valued at a few pence. Even though they fine up and down a lot in 5yrs, they are all up much higher than I came in at. To the point that what I initially put in, I have taken out and the rest is just doing what it does. Sometimes I dip back in to accumulate more but I always make sure I take out what I started with.

Have had some interests in Graphene Products for several years now and last year hit developments hard but there is enough in graphene in my own opinion for it to become a huge business. Exciting time and I'm enjoying being a tiny part of that.

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