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Author Topic: Music that Swindon have run out to  (Read 513 times)

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Hello everyone,

I hope this okay to post here, please move/delete if you need to!

Iím part of a team at the University of Sheffield, led by Dr Chris
Stride. We've published a number of academic papers and magazine
articles relating to football history, on subjects such as statues and
replica shirts (see, for example, and

Our current project is investigating the music that football teams have
run or walked out of the tunnel to over the years.

We are looking for the music that Swindon have run out to, for as
many seasons in the past as you can recall. We are simply interested in
the title of the song, the artist who recorded it, and for which seasons
Swindon ran out to this
. Any help you can give us to
piece together the different songs that your club has run out to would
be hugely appreciated.

If you have any personal anecdotes around the reasons for the songs
being used, or the changes between them, that would also be fantastic.

I should also add that we are not interested in goal music, or a song
that is played at the final whistle, but just the song that is on the
tannoy system as the players enter the field.

If you think someone else may be able to help, or you have any
questions, please let us know!  We would be very happy to discuss the


Joe Headland

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