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Author Topic: Out of Towners  (Read 5801 times)

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« Reply #30 on: Sunday, October 13, 2019, 12:17:18 »

I would say a lot of oxfordshire towns, with swindon postcodes, support Oxford. Not sure why.

Oxford have a lot of influence on local schools, ie. Shrivenham, where they run football after school incentives. With Swindon a lot closer, you have to ask yourself why. Do the club do enough out of town?

Sippo, i think you're wrong. Shrivenham a Swindon strong hold with Mr Forty and his boys. They hate Oxford. I was bought up in Faringdon, another Swindon strong hold for Swindon. No Oxford fans there when i lived there.
Living in the 80s

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« Reply #31 on: Sunday, October 13, 2019, 13:09:45 »

Nope. Definitely Oxford after school football clubs in shrivenham and Watchfield primary schools.

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Born in Berlin. Doubt there were m(any) Town fans around, unless they were stationed there.
Then lived in Hong Kong (See above).
Holland  (See above).
Tidworth (Maybe some there, although I never knew any at the time).
 Andover (There's a few there, including my brother in law). Arborfield (None).
Borden (None).
Barnstaple (None).
Croyde (None).
Bristol (None, funny that..).
Aubagne, France (None).
Nimes, France (None).
Swindon. (Shitloads).
Bicester. (A few).
Brackley. (One that I knew of).
Chalfont st Peter. (None).
Hayes, Middx. (None).
South Petherton, Somerset. (Two! and one pox fan).
Alderholt, Fordingbridge. (Two!).
Now back in Swindon.

There were two in Alderholt  (80s/90s) when me and our brother played for the mighty Stockton and Codford there.

Grew up in Codford, South Wilts....6 of us and a few more in Warminster, including a fella,who I'm proud to say is still my mate. He took his mum home and away every week....Carlisle, Sunderland....the lot... Mum passed years ago but he still goes to the home games.

Border country so there were Shitheads, Gas and Saints but mostly 'followers of big clubs'.

Live in Calne now..... Route 55 and all that...


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« Reply #33 on: Sunday, October 13, 2019, 15:35:46 »

Born in Swindon ,lived next door to George Hudson . Moved to Rochester Kent in 1956 ,travelled to Most Saturday home and away games until 1973 . moved to Fareham Hants in 1982 when Chatham Naval Base closed  ,took early retirement in1996 and moved Ashford Kent  ,2003 moved to Caister-on- Norfolk. used to travel back to see about 8 games a season at the County ground but Greater now do most engineering work weekends which means getting on and off trains and buses, at eighty year old that's too much hassle now.. used to meet Medway red and his boys on the Paddington Swindon train don't think he goes anymore. Still listen to every game .

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« Reply #34 on: Sunday, October 13, 2019, 16:48:16 »

Born in Cheltenham
Moved to Swindon at aged 2, was a season ticket holder for a few years early to mid 90's
Moved to Bath at 22
Thailand for a couple of years
China 7 years
Warwickshire since 2013

Bradford last week was first game in a couple of years, just no time between family and work

Loads of town (and poxford) fans at work
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