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Author Topic: Supporters STFC  (Read 597 times)
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Well I've asked a few questions regarding STFC and here's what I percieve to be how the Town should be next season.
Please add your own points but don't stray too far from the chosen path.
Club name. Swindon town. The Moonrakers (death to the Robins).
Fans/club song. Duality by Slipknot (wear your gimp mask)
Strip. Red and White as always.
Dream Manager. Glen Hoddle or Grace Jones.
Dream Owner. Sheik your Money.
Ground. The County Ground redeveloped into a 40,000 glass palace right next to the magic roundabout.
Training ground. Nice to have one but we'll make do with the grass park at the back of Tesco's
Any other suggestion to get us moving forward would be welcome.
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