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Author Topic: Fitness Centres  (Read 433 times)

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Non PC straight talking tory Brexit voter on this

« on: Monday, July 3, 2017, 18:21:10 »

Now that I've started a fitness regime I had a look at David Lloyd today. #forthefewnotthemany. Anyone actually a member there or recommend and alternative to the great unwashed?

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I am real

« Reply #1 on: Monday, July 3, 2017, 19:15:19 »

For the price of gym subs I prefer to buy the equipment and use it at home.
The gym at the link centre looks pretty good.
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Loves it so much I came back!

« Reply #2 on: Monday, July 3, 2017, 19:47:40 »

Take a look at the Better fitness website.

Various types of membership which spans across Swindon, the Link Centre, Oasis, Dorcan, Croft and the Haydon Centre amongst others.  There are different types of memberships, my boy has the Gym and I have the rackets membership which allows me to book Squash and Badminton pretty much as many times as I want in a month (limited to one booking a day).


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