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Author Topic: 'Big Swindon Town Survey'  (Read 13809 times)
Exiled Bob

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« Reply #45 on: Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 12:55:16 »

You're referring to the 80s when football attendances were at an all time low throughout the country.
Apart from a couple of periods when the attendances were significantly higher (12-18k average, and even one season where they averaged over 20k)  they've been pretty consistent since 1921......

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Chief Feather Ruffler


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I try and keep it quiet - too much pisstaking and much too old to wear a shirt Angry
Watched the first 10mins of the playoff final in the Scillonian Club - then went and dug the allotment 
PC Mark who was here up until a couple of years ago was a fan too - he kept it even quieter than me
I have been semi retired here about 8yrs now and love it  Pint

ps where did you work - I may well know you   

Yeah you may recognise my face. Had less moss on my chin then but I worked on Agnes from 2003 - 2010 at Troytown. I finished working not long after Sam moved back to take over his dads farm.

Brilliant years, loved every single minute of it. I would live and work there if possible.  Do you know Andy Smethurst and Declan Risdale?

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