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Your dad is a casing example. He only needs to do a bit of research to realise he's misguided.

Clearly. Although he has always been a person who does his own digging. He doesn't usually fall into the trap of "Well the <<insert MSM>> said it so it must be true.", so what is different this time compared to other years?

I think for a lot it may have something to do with the rise of the further right. Started several back with factions of EDL (still lingering Hmmm... ) and then that Nick Cumstain (can't think of his surname) who led the BNP. Who as we know were both very racism infused parties. It enabled a lot of the inner racists for some but several people didn't want to be seen as fully blown KKK style racists. This enabled the rise of UKIP into mainstream politics. Lots of closet racists making the switch* to vote for on the surface, essentially a sophisticated (sic) party, with Tory undertones. The perfect plan... When the penny dropped and UKIP were found out to be sliding back towards very far right and racist tendencies...the closet racists didn't want to be found out too and jumped ship. Genuine UKIPers who fell for the more innocent party hook of obtaining Independence from Europe, were left without a party to take seriously. Likely, many of those were sucked in and fell for the charms of the newly formed Brexit Party, only to be left high and dry as well as some also out of pocket.

Certainly, as this decade comes to a close this trend has been a continuing influence. We know about the NF and other localised "Liberation Fronts", spilling into EDL (essentially a continuation of Ultras and linked football hooliganism trying to get into politics) and then BNP. The far right has wormed it's way in and made a mark. We don't have to accept it but my fears are it will take a long time to remove. We have gone backwards, we're in danger of or in the process of slipping even further back. Where racial stereotypes become accepted talk once again. That isn't an environment I want to live in, it isn't an environment I want my niece or future children growing up in. Hate is being used by the powers that be to continually divide us, once we all see this only then can change for the good be made.

*Farage didn't agree with a BNP influence being allowed to merge with UKIP (that's the only credit he's getting there) and probably stopped the extreme right entering mainstream politics.

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