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This section of the forum is designed to help anyone with any computer issues they may have, provide useful tips and offer general advice as well as give a specified area to discuss geeky computer related stuff. It will work best if people read the FAQ first and see if their question is answered there first. The FAQ is currently geared towards Windows, but if recurrent (resolved) issues for other operating systems become apparent I will create further FAQs specific to these.

This is not intended to be my part of the forum. If anyone wants to help a fellow forum member by all means do. If you have some helpful tips or want to share something then by all means contribute. My knowledge of computers is limited (I know nothing about Apple Macs or iPods for example) but if nobody can answer I will try and help.

Finally please do not post any links to illegal downloads, we donít want the internet police shutting the whole site down because somebody posted a dodgy download for High School Musical 3. Requests for cracks/serials/keygens will be deleted. If you can also keep funny videos and Youtube posts etc. in General Discussion that would be great also, if no major crime.

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