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Title: Player Sponsorship 19/20 - Donate/Credit/Refund
Post by: Berniman on Thursday, September 24, 2020, 11:35:01
Dear Player Sponsor/Supporter,

Thank you for all your support last season.  We witnessed some fantastic performances both home and away.  A season that was full of memorable moments and ultimately even though it was cruelly cut short due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we were crowned as Champions, deservedly so.  We would have naturally loved to see the season play out, to witness those final fixtures and to be part of the celebrations making more memories, alas not to be, but the promotion was a massive positive.  Hopefully with all the new signings arriving and after a settling in period we can mount a strong challenge this season also.  We apologise for the delay in sending information out to you regarding the cancellation of last season and what the plans are for this season.  We have not long returned to the office out of furlough, so have been playing catch up.  Also, you would still have seen players arriving and some departing, so we wanted to post information out to you once the squad was close to being assembled in full and squad numbers issued.

Based on the cancellation of last season and where we were not able to fulfil the full package (no sponsors dinner, no presentation of shirt & the missed hospitality), the refund is valued at 175.00.  For those where we fulfilled the hospitality part of the package there will be 100.00 of credit applied.  We would also like to bring it to your attention that due the pandemic and the Club being in lockdown, we were unable to administer the signings of any of the limited-edition player shirts.  For those players still with the Club, we will naturally facilitate the signing of the shirt.  For those players no longer contracted to the Club we are unfortunately not able to facilitate a signature.  We apologies for any disappointment this may cause, once again the situation was out of our control at that time.  We will in time be able to post these shirts out or arrange a suitable time for you to collect.

So, with everything considered, we would like to propose the following options: -

Donate - Generously donate any refund due back to the club and help support the club through this period (we do appreciate this may not a realistic or feasible proposition and we emphasise please only do so if you are able to)

Credit - Transfer the value across to a player sponsorship for the 2020/21 season and continue to support the Club through these very challenging times.  The cost of sponsorship with credit applied would therefore be 275.00 INC VAT or 350.00 INC VAT if you chose an earlier game in the season and made use of the hospitality places which formed part of the package.

Refund Receive the value of the cancelled items that formed part of your player sponsorship package 175.00 or 100.00 if hospitality places successfully facilitated.  Please note, based on reduced staffing levels we will endeavour to refund you as quickly as it is possible; we kindly ask that you confirm the refund requirement via e-mail.  Please also confirm a suitable contact telephone number on the e-mail.  We will then be in contact from the 5th October onwards to arrange a refund.

With Covid-19 still very much a factor in terms of restrictions and how the guidelines and directives affect to what we have done previously; we are launching a new look sponsorship package for this season.  Although very different due to Covid, it is critical the Club is still able to drive revenues through sponsorships; so, we would very much welcome your continued support when sponsoring a player.  With sponsorship a key revenue generator, for every player, we will also be offering both home and away shirt sponsorship.  We thank you in advance for all your continued support and sponsorship.

Vote away...

I will setup another poll for this years Player Sponsorship as we have a little over 24 hours to decide what player we would like to sponsor this season before they are released to the general public..

Title: Re: Player Sponsorship 19/20 - Donate/Credit/Refund
Post by: Red Frog on Thursday, September 24, 2020, 13:05:58
Don't mind if they chuck in another player's shirt from last season. It's not like they have any value now.  >:(

Title: Re: Player Sponsorship 19/20 - Donate/Credit/Refund
Post by: Berniman on Thursday, September 24, 2020, 17:27:12
OK, I think this one is settled - we are donating..

Title: Re: Player Sponsorship 19/20 - Donate/Credit/Refund
Post by: Flashheart on Thursday, September 24, 2020, 17:38:12
As somebody who did not contribute, I didn't vote, but I'm pleased with the result regardless.